Vendée : a rich history and an important heritage

Coming from the Bas Poitou, Vendée has a history and a heritage that very few "departments" can offer in France . Renaissance castles and homes, megaliths, Roman churches and abbeys, medieval fortresses are just some of the living examples.

Le Puy du Fou - a 30 minutes drive

With its amusement Park and its spectacular live show, the Puy du Fou offers you epics, with numerous activities and exhibits : "the 1900's village", "the buzzard's dance", "the Gallo Roman stadium".
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Le Logis de la Chabotterie - a 10 minutes drive

The site where general Charette was arrested in 1796. The Chabotterie is also a highly important historical place which represents the end of the Vendée War. The mansion is open all year round.

Vendée Cycle-trails in town

A cycle-trail leads from the forest of Grasla to the Chabotterie.

Le Refuge de Grasla - in town

In the forest of Grasla, you can experience and discover the lives of the inhabitants who took refuge here, in the middle of the forest to escape from the infernal columns of Turreau in 1794, during the Vendée wars

La Maison de la Rivière (the river house), in Saint Georges de Montaigu - a 10 minutes drive

Le Mémorial de Vendée - a 10 minutes drive

In Les Lucs sur Boulogne, live again the memories of the 1794 martyrs and the Vendée wars.

L'historial de Vendée - a 10 minutes drive

You travel through 7000 years of history. Museum opened all year long.

Tiffauges and Clisson castles - a 20 minutes drive

Two symbolic medieval castles : who has never heard of Blue Bearb and Olivier de Clisson, the constable of Bertrand Duguesclin.

Les Sables d´Olonne - a 40 minutes drive

The most beautiful beach in Europe : your holiday will combine the sea, the beach, the forest, the marshes, and the sun ...

Le Marais Poitevin (marshes) and its abbeys - an hour drive.

Nantes, the capital of the western part of France, with its castle, its museums, its medieval center - a 30 minutes drive.